Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac

Digital Release

[New Zero God]

Released 21 May 2017

01.  Hell Bet On Me To Lose

02.  Under The Radar

03.  Shadow Of Wealth (Dark En Ciel Mix)

04.  Shadow Of Wealth


Mike Pougounas: Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine 

Babis Efthimiou: Drums, Programming (Release Lineup) 

Akis Nikolaidis: Guitars 

John Psimopoulos: Drums (Live Lineup)

Michalis Semertzoglou: Bass, Guitars 

Music and Lyrics 

Mike Pougounas 

Produced by

Babis Efthimiou 

Mastered by

John Psimopoulos / JP Audio Mastering & Sound Design


Recorded at

QZN Recording Studios [Athens, Greece] 2016-2017 

Logo by

Sidheog Steves

Photo by

Iosif Angelidis

Artwork by

Mike Pougounas

Demon Chaser

Lara McElligott 




Hell Bet on me to lose 

And now I have to choose 

It’s you or me, my Babe 

Well, we all learn the hard way 

You’re wrong – when I am right 

You say Black – When I Say White 

I’ve had all this before 

So now Baby, I choose to go 


Hell Bet on Me to Lose 

More work with less to gain 

I love living, but I hate the pain 

My job is not good for me 

Let call it quits, I’ve had enough of this… 

Hit the brake, step on the gas 

Police are after me, I gotta be fast 

I will get busted for driving drunk 

Life is Bittersweet and I am out of luck 


Hell Bet on Me to Lose 

“That’s all that I did Judge” 

And he shouted “Guilty as charged” 

and sentenced me for life 

To have you as my wife 

You’re wrong – when I am right 

You say Black – When I Say White 

I’ve had all this before 

But there is a guard outside my door 


Make Your Own Rules 

Be a Square Peg 

Question everything they put in your Head 

Do not Submit 

Their message is: Money is God and you’re God’s Little Bitch 

You Should Have Known By Now… 

There Are ways to Resist 

I Fly Under The Radar 

But I aim straight to the Heart of the Beast 

Some Sell Dope 

Others Trade Guns 

Respected Businessmen 

Family Guys 

They Are Tax Dodgers 

With Special Rules 

Expensive Lawyers 

Large Swimming Pools 

Who Doesn’t Know By Now? 

Who Doesn’t know? 

So, I Fly Under The Radar 

But I aim straight to the Heart of the Beast 


Baby, baby I am sorry 

The war is over, no one won 

Out of our trenches and into their limos 

Everywhere the news is the same… 

Baby, baby we didn’t make it 

I can’t find my pen under the mud 

I’d like to write you all the details 

Of a war not meant to be won… 

I hear the medic’s steps are closing 

I’d like to call him but I can’t 

Remember me when flowers blossom 

And keep me close to your heart… 

In the shadow of so much wealth there is this suffering… 

In the shadow of so much wealth there is this hate… 


"Really amazing, like every NZG work. Always respecting the character of each song, letting it go to extremes if it's necessary, to get the most genuine sound. A band that transcends styles because NZG is a style in itself." 

- El Gurú - Radio DJ, Musician, Author (Argentina) 

"Hell Bet On Me To Lose – a rollicking rocker storms your eardrums – very hard not to want to get the air guitar out and strike your best Johnny Thunders pose. Just a great pre-punk sound akin to The Motors and New York Dolls without sounding in the least bit dated. Top production with spattering of samples over a glorious guitar driven track with ferocious vocals from Mike Pougounas, formerly of Greek legends The Flowers of Romance. 

Under The Radar is more of a straight ahead punk rock steamroller with a terracing friendly chorus, and more of the brilliantly subtle twists and turns that punctuates the band’s unique sound. Shadow of Wealth mix by (the totally brilliant) Dark En Ceil is simply stunning. Heavy (Thomas Leer like) industrial synth is supplemented by a wonderous ethereal dream pop synths that rise and fall to that industrial beat like still sea threatening a tsunami.

The original version of Shadow of Wealth is still a fantastic piece of work, this time with sound effects displaying an inventiveness that is both inspired and inspiring – forget rocking out to this one, just prepare to be amazed at the superb playing, singing, production and depth of talent on view." 

- John Innes – New Hellfire Club, Glasgow (Scotland)

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A quicky packing a powerful punch.

This is dark rock’n’roll...  


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