New Zero God -  "Circus of Tortured Melodies"


Circus of Tortured Melodies

Limited Edition 12" Transparent Vinyl


Releases 15 March 2019 


A1  What’cha Gonna Do?

A2  Be Yourself (‘Cause Everyone Else Is Taken)

A3  Dirty Little Secrets

A4  Hell Bet On Me To Lose

A5  Rock’n’Roll Puppet

A6  Busking

B1  Big

B2  Mother Nature

B3  Last Day Of Sorrow

B4  That Part Of The Show

B5  Charlie Boy

B6  Evolution

B7  Carry On



MIKE POUGOUNAS - Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine

BABIS EFTHIMIOU - Drums, Backing Vocals

AKIS NIKOLAIDIS - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals 

JOHN PSIMOPOULOS - Drums, Backing Vocals

MICHALIS SEMERTZOGLOU - Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals


Mike Pougounas All Music Except

A1 by Akis Nikolaidis and 

A6 by Michalis Semertzoglou


Mike Pougounas


QZN Recording Studios [Athens, Greece]


Babis Efthimiou and Mike Pougounas


Babis Efthimiou


Babis Efthimiou


John Psimopoulos


Anna Psarreas


Costas Papapanos


Elias Moraitis


Mike Pougounas


Spyridon Dasiotis


Anna Psarreas and Gogo Hioti


Sidheog Steves

Thanks (in order of appearance) to the following people for taking part in this release: 

Andi Sex Gang, George Katsanos, Michael Clayton, Nick Skiadopoulos, Lara McElligott, Shaun Histed-Todd

Also, a big thanks goes out to (alphabetically): 

Alexandra Alexiou, Iraklis Anastasiadis, Thanos Athanasopoulos, Loukas Barboutis, Dave Burniston, Mary Simopoulos Cresta, Frank Cutter, Dimitra Diamanti, Michalis Fotiadis, Maria Gatsi, Vaggelis Halikias, John Kastanaras, Vasilis Kosmidis, Sophie Luchinsky, Steisy Mandaltsi, Jacek Henryk Maniakowski, Lee Meadows, Mick Mercer, Tricia Psarreas Murray and Jeff Murray, Tilemachos Papadopoulos,  Iakovos Raptis, Panos Skordas. Dimitra Stergiou, Irini Tiniakou, Michali Tzanoglos, Maria Vasiliadou

© 2019 NEW ZERO GOD - "CIRCUS OF TORTURED MELODIES" - All Rights Reserved 




Ladies and Gents

Welcome to the Circus of Tortured Melodies

Welcome to the source of all Madness

Get ready for a journey from light to darkness and back…

The Greatest Show On Earth!

               - Master of Ceremonies: Andi Sex Gang

               - Organist: George Katsanos


Anything you say or do

You know they keep an eye on you

Anything you’ll try to say

They’ll check if it would sound ok

But you were told

You live in a free world

But lately it seems

They were completely wrong

Stupid TV shows and ads

Created needs you never had

You buy an expensive phone while

The bank confiscates your home

And every day,

You feel you lose control

And pretty soon

You know you’ll lose it all

I don’t want it

You don’t want it

What'cha gonna do?

Now that they will come for you…

Air and water

Sons and daughters

All sold to the firm

So what is left for you to do?


Some people like to walk

And some like to run.

Some of them let you down

And some lift you up.

Don’t ever let them fuck with your mind

And never trust a stranger with your heart.

Some faces shine too bright

But have a painted smile.

Sweet words leave poisonous lips

With arsenic vowels…

Don’t ever let them play games with your mind

And never trust a stranger with your heart.

Be yourself, ‘cause everyone else is taken

               - Backing vocals: Michael Clayton


I am your consciousness so you can’t hide from me.

We’ve been together since you were a little kid.

I know your hopes and fears

Your wounds, you try to hide…

I know you’re not the one that you pretend to be ‘cause I…

I know your little secrets

Your dirty little secrets


Hell bet on me to lose

   And now I have to choose

It’s you or me, my Babe

   Well, we all learn the hard way

You’re wrong – when I am right

You say Black – When I say White

I’ve had all this before

So now Baby, I choose to go


Hell bet on me to lose

More work with less to gain

I love living, but I hate the pain

My job is not good for me

Let’s call it quits, I’ve had enough of this…

Hit the brake, step on the gas

Police are after me, I gotta be fast

I will get busted for driving drunk

Life is bittersweet and I am out of luck


Hell bet on me to lose

“That’s all that I did, Judge”

And he shouted, “Guilty as charged”

And sentenced me for life

To have you as my wife

You’re wrong – when I am right

You say Black – When I say White

I’ve had all this before

But there is a guard outside my door


One day he was offered a deal he couldn’t resist.

Every dream he ever had would come true

As long as he would offer his services to them…

Rich and famous, sharp and beautiful,

A harmless role model for society.

In exchange they wanted

Every note he ever played

All the talent he ever had

“Happiness” was not mentioned in the contract ‘cause…

Hey, wouldn’t he be happy with money and fame?

He had to give them his body and soul

He signed with his blood and became their rock’n’roll puppet

Once, in a little town, a gifted kid came to life.

He was the youngest one in a family of five.

He had great talent

Played harmonica like no other

Soon he became the talk of his little town…

Then came a day he realized that everything was a lie

That flickering light inside him was about to die

Try to do something about it,

Cry for help and live without it,

See someone and talk about it,

Move your feet

And go around this mess you got yourself into

‘Cause they fucked up your mind

Turning you into their puppet, their rock’n’roll puppet…

            - Harmonica: Nick Skiadopoulos


Being lonely and blue doesn’t help remain true

To yourself and to those you really care for.

As we all need a friend,

                     We all do pretend to be accepted.

This ends here for me, 

                      For all to see,

                             That I stand corrected.



Mother says, I gotta make it big

No matter how big, I will always be her sweet boy.

Father says, I’m a worthless shit

I gotta make it big, to prove that he is wrong.

Brother says, he’s gonna make it big

‘Cause the bigger he gets, the more his life has value.

Sister takes no part in this

The only thing she wants is to make it out of this place…

But I…

Have my dreams

Safely locked

In a musical box

What makes you feel's always real

While all the rest

While all the rest, is what dreams do best...

Yeah, babe

It's what dreams do...

Big Time

Big dreams ahead

Big Time

It’s what dreams do best

Big Time

What parents dream for you

Sometimes I have this feeling and I can’t breathe

My sight gets all blurry and everything turns scary…


Good morning, Mother Nature

What do you have for me?

Some cute little creature or nice scenery?

I’ll hurt you,

‘Cause this is all we humans do.

I’ll make you bleed

But first I’ll rip off what I need from you

Mother Nature

What do you have for me?

Mother Nature

How grateful we should be

Instead of loving you

We kill you day by day

We poison you any way we can

Oh this trip, around the sun…

Thank you for every given day

(Earth’s average orbital speed is about 19 miles per second)

For every day

For everything you give

            - Piano & Keyboard: George Katsanos


This is your last day of sorrow

A breed of Druids rules this planet

Priests of a huge divine orb.

They come through crystal balls in each believer’s home

Preaching your last day of sorrow…

Do you wanna be rich?


You wanna be happy?


Just stay true to their rules

If you got the message

Shake your chains like you just don’t care at all

There won’t be pain in this new world 

They promised one day loud and clear

Just mind your job and they might keep their word

For this to be your last day of sorrow

A breed of Masters rules the planet

Planning their profitable move

Could be a war or an untreatable disease

A non-stop last day of sorrow…

Don’t see the world through rose-coloured glasses

Don’t you believe this world, no more…

            - Organ: George Katsanos


…And now, the part of the show

That she goes on stage

And we all go, you know…


She’s perfectly shaped

So don’t be late

Make your move

She’s the perfect date

Not so fast

It might not last

You’re both caught in a trap

Check again your feelings ‘cause

It’s that part of the show now…

It’s that part of the show now

It’s that part of your life

Don’t ever use the word “forever”

For vows you’re not able to keep

No one’s on top

‘Cause this might not last

You’re both caught in a trap

Deal with your egos ‘cause

It’s that part of the show…


Would you give me back the silk soul I had

When I was a child?

Sniffing new smells like a puppy full of bliss.

Fighting imaginary dragons that later came alive…

I think I saw you the other day on a Vivian Maier's photo...

I always wanted to meet ya, I'm a big fan of yours...

            - Woman: Lara McElligott

            - Man: Michael Clayton


From deep dark caves – to outer space

We’re done with our world and we’re coming your way.

Fast cars and fancy clothes

White lines up your nose.

We are doing experiments on other creatures

Corporations with big secrets.

Spread the seed of hate and racism 

Drop some bombs, looks fascinating.

Session with your therapist in 3,2,1

            - Male Announcer: Shaun Histed-Todd

            - Female Announcer: Lara McElligott


I know you’re looking for some answers

In this journey we call life

I know you’re looking for some guidance

To find your way through the night

There are no available directions…

There is no map to help you out…

Only this little voice inside you

That leads you all the way around…

So carry on

Carry on

It’s a harsh world out there

But you can get along.

Carry on

Carry on

Make your dreams come true

Role models seem to be confusing

While you try hard to free your mind

And stuff they say it’s for your healing

It’s just the stuff that turns you blind

I know, you know, they know… sometimes

Their ways seem to work just fine

But there are times you feel you’re lost and

You turn your face and start to cry…

So carry on

Carry on

It’s a harsh world out there

But you can get along.

Carry on

Carry on

Make your dreams come true


Excerpts from Google Translate.  Please CLICK HERE for the original and complete article (Greek language, translatable).

"...New Zero God is at their best, more mature and more competitive in the myth of Flowers Of Romance that did not swallow Michael Pougounas, who was and remains an unease musician and singer. He is one of the few singers who have evolved through time by working his voice. I think now he does whatever he pleases with his voice." 

"...He also works the lyrics, making good use of his brain, imagination and realism. He is the dark shadow that you can see in the light, not having his hands in his pockets but working on a paper, with his ears open to the society."

"...From the first funk piece of "Circus Of Tortured Melodies" titled "What'Cha Gonna Do?", to the punk tune "Hell Bet On Me The Lose" and the Zappa influenced "Rock'n'Roll Puppet" and the "Busking" that closes the first side of the vinyl album, you rush to the second side that ends with the melodic "Carry On" and you feel the need to play again the first funk track. Things are finally happening in Greece, apartment condos, that look over avenues of madness and communicating with another universe..."

- Yiannis Alexiou –

Learn More

With Andi Sex Gang (of legendary Sex Gang Children) to welcome us to the Circus of Tortured Melodies, the tour begins in the 13th Tent of the Circus. Each one of these tents hides a different story which, most of the time, opens the way to the next one. Other times, however, it is completely independent. 

These are songs about our unfulfilled dreams, the emotional insecurities of modern man, political developments, the manipulation of the family environment, role models of our society, over-consumption, the compromises that we make, and the destruction of our planet. 

In a nutshell, Circus of Tortured Melodies presents the complexity of modern life by tracing the sources of modern neurosis.

Releases March 15, 2019